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A Letter to You.

Tonight was the night for the youth team to serve at Austin Street.

Like every month a crew of people worked together to gather and prepare the food. Frank once again had four cases of bananas ready and waiting. Becky had been working throughout this last week getting buns, milk, juice, and organizing all of it so she and Jim could cook and pack all of the food this afternoon.

Countless individuals and families made their monthly donation of cookies and hard-boiled eggs on Saturday at the Communion-at-home pick up or Sunday at the outdoor service.

Like every first Sunday of every month the clients of Austin Street Center are sitting down to eat a meal provided by the people of St. James.

But this month, like each of the last four months, we were missing you.

The van was loaded and the trek was made with no discussion of whether or not tik-tok is actually going away. There was no argument over what radio station to turn on and no complaining about how I once again forgot to bring an aux cord.

And though I am thankful the cogs continue to turn and we can still provide this meal, I would be lying if I didn't say how much you were missed.

I have never been to Austin Street with a team other than the youth, but I can't imagine any other team is as fun.

You may not know it, but I believe that your warm smile, your youthful energy, and your willingness to serve can fill and sustain someones heart much more than this meal will their appetite.

There are many things I am looking forward to once we are able to return again. One of the biggest ones is creating opportunities for you to live out your faith and the love you have experienced in God by serving others.

Who knows what the next few months hold, but I hope that the next time I am driving a van to Austin Street, you will be in it. -jared

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