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Austin Street Center

We have just finished our night of serving dinner at Austin Street Center and I am once again amazed at how this process comes together. There are so many people from St James who pitch in each month and give their time, money, and resources, to make this night happen.

Though the clients at Austin Street saw 14 kids and four adults there to serve, there are many more who make this night possible. Thanks to the continued generosity and support, 350 people were fed tonight, and many more will be fed in the coming days by your donation.

I was looking through some old pictures of students serving from years past and am amazed to see how faithful St James has been in this ministry. Though the leadership has changed many hands over the years, the fact that month after month, for so many years, we have made it a priority to feed those in need. I am proud to play a small part in the legacy that St James is continuing to build in the city of Dallas, and consider it an honor to be able to invite and empower young people to join in the effort.

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