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Back to School

Whether starting at a new school or returning to familiar hallways and faces, many of our students returned to school this morning. Each new school year brings new opportunities for students to grow academically and socially and we aim to provide opportunities for them to grow spiritually as well.

Next week we will return to our normal schedule of Wednesday night meetings. each week our desire is to create an environment where students. are challenged to Know God and one another, to Grow in our faith as individuals and as a community, and to Go into the community sharing with and caring for the world.

One of our students stopping by for a donut outside the High School.

This morning we went out with donuts in hand to give out to students at Lake Highlands High School and Lake Highlands Junior High to let them know we were thinking of and praying for them as they begin the school year. We saw many kids who are already a part of our ministry but were also also able to be a friendly face, and a sugary donut, to many more students. It was a great reminder of the recognition that St. James has in the community and a motivation to continue to look for creative opportunities to make a greater impact in the lives of students around us. We look forward to the challenge ahead.

Decorated van to welcome students

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