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Being Thankful

Often when planning what we are going to discuss at our weekly gatherings we start by asking two main questions. "What is going on in students lives that we can speak biblical truths about?" and "What aspects of faith do students need to hear about?"

In November, the spiritual practice of thankfulness is hard to ignore. This past Wednesday we began a series on Thankfulness looking at behaviors that make it hard for us to be thankful. Behaviors like complaining, jealousy, and envy often prevent our ability to be thankful for the things we have and the one who gave them to us.

We are reminded today that we can be thankful for much more than just things. As we honor veterans of the armed forces we all remember the men and women who gave of themselves to help create and sustain this country we call home.

Some of these people we only know of through history books or movies that tell about the great things they have done, but many of them are known much more personally.

Members of our family. Grandfathers. Mothers. Sisters. Brothers.

Each of us can probably draw a short line on our family tree and/or circle of friends before we get to someone who has served.

Last week I had the great pleasure of sitting with the family of one of our recently graduated Karen students who is taking their first steps to becoming a U.S. Marine. Kawtamwe "Kaw" Htoo shipped out to Recruit Training in San Diego last Monday after a short swearing in ceremony.

Kaw has been a huge help in the ministry even after graduating. He came early each Wednesday night to help set up the Parish Hall for Youth. He worked every Monday afternoon in the Pumpkin Patch and filled in many other times as well as both unload days.

With the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day this weekend, and Thanksgiving coming soon, it is a great time to remember those who have served and pray for those who are still (or will soon be) serving.

We are going to miss having Kaw at Youth, but are thankful for his decision and are praying for him as he continues to serve.

Join us in praying for him and all who choose to serve.

Kaw in blue and white plaid in center

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