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It's Pumpkin Time

The Pumpkin Patch has become one of the rhythms of life for the Saint James Student Ministries. In a time when many of life's rhythms have been interrupted we are hearing from so many people how glad they are that the pumpkin patch is open. It provides a chance to return to something normal in a year that has been anything but.

As great as the financial success of the pumpkin patch has been so far, seeing the church community come together to accomplish this great task has been just as rewarding. Each year members of our church act as ambassadors of St. James to many people who wouldn't otherwise come to our church campus. The Pumpkin Patch, the return to in person services, and even the return of our school children have brought life back to these quiet halls and fields and act as reminders of the impact that St. James has continued to have.

I am thankful for the ways that the members of this church have stepped up for the last 23 years of Pumpkin Patches, and hope that we will continue to use this fundraiser as a way to have a positive impact on our community. May our friendly welcome be a sign and symbol of the love of God to all who visit, and the return of the pumpkin season be a reminder for us to always be looking for ways to be a light in our community.

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