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Making News

It seems like our city has been in the spotlight a lot in the last few weeks. With high profile court cases, a presidential campaign rally, and a number of tornadoes rolling through all making national news. Though each of these events were very different in nature they all seemed to share something in common, division.

There are many different opinions held on what justice would look like in the court case, and our current political climate seems to welcome and even at times encourage the division that can come from holding an opposing political view. It seems these two events can cause just as much division as the tornadoes that quite literally tore apart our communities. When the actual storm settled we saw a glimpse of what we are called to be in this world; Light, Hope, and Love in the darkest places.

Tonight we wrapped our series on how to be a bad friend and focused on how sharing the light of Christ with those around us is one of the greatest acts of friendship we can give. In every person we encounter we have an opportunity to share the grace that we have experienced in God, yet we are often unable (or unwilling) to do so because of the things that divide us.

In those moments, it would help us to remember where we all stand in this world. We are all susceptible to the storms of life, yet the hope we have in Christ is enough to weather us through them. No matter how they arrive.

I was reminded of this on Monday while talking with a Mom who had brought her three kids to visit the Pumpkin Patch. After asking if they were enjoying their unexpected day off the mom expressed a range of emotions as she explained that her kids were all students and she was a teacher at Walnut Hill Elementary School that had just been destroyed in the storm.

Her uncertainty of what the rest of the school year would look like for the kids, her sadness of losing a place that meant so much to her family, her fear of having to start over at a new campus at a school in another part of town or even having to look for a new job entirely were all present with her and her family in the patch.

These are the times when we are called to be Light.

And sometimes the Light of Christ is a smiling face and a warm welcome to a Pumpkin Patch where your kids don't have to worry about the storms of life.

It might not make the news, but it will make a difference.

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