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Wednesday Nights Are For ____________

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

We celebrated the start of our program year tonight with a return to our Wednesday night gatherings and I asked the students to complete this thought. "Wednesday nights are for..." I instructed the students to be honest, not try to give the right answer, but tell the truth. What is it that you look forward to each week?

Instead of discussing each one then and there, we asked students to place them on the side as we moved on to a game (though the late summer sun streaming through the parish hall windows made for too pretty of a picture not to capture a couple of them)

As I sit at my desk and read through them I am reminded again of why Student Ministry is so important for Saint James. Have a look at a few of the things students said.

Looking from the outside our program is loud and chaotic, but in the midst of that (and in light of their life away from church) a student is able to feel a calming relief. A student finds a loving, non-judging environment where he can be open about his need to fulfill community service hours. Many students feel comfortable to just be themselves and express who they are, and if nothing else, it's just a way to get out of the house.

Tonight, after Kaw Htoo won a game and got to eat a spoonful of something that was concocted of a mixture of foods in the refrigerator, we reminded students that in ten years they may not remember any lesson that we ever give. They may never know the amount of work that is put in each week, or the names of the people who help make each gathering possible. But they will remember St. James as a place where they were loved by people who loved God. They were able to grow in their faith and in community with their friends. And that all of it, hopefully, played a part in making them into the person they will be one day.

If you ask me to finish the statement. I'd say this.

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