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Well It's been awhile

It would be easy to blame the lack of posts on this blog on the ongoing (re-surging?) Coronavirus pandemic.

However, it's not hard to see that the last post came in February, several weeks before the shutdown even started, and the shutdown could have brought with it the opportunity to communicate more.

In all honesty this blogging endeavor was meant to be a way of communicating what happens on a Wednesday night at Youth to the members of St. James who are not present to see what is going on. There are things that happen when our students get together that are worth talking about. Some gatherings provide profound moments of reflection while others force us to dig in a little deeper to remind ourselves that relationships are being built, faith is being formed, and students are hearing the love that God has for them.

In the absence of those gatherings it can seem like there is absence of these stories. Yet again, a little digging can reveal the work that God is doing just under the surface.

I am once again reminded of the need for students to be connected with caring adults who will tell and show the love that God has for them. Whether that is in conversation at a doorstep, an exchange of text messages, or even the awkwardness of a zoom call, students learn the foundations of faith from the example of other people. As we continue forward, discerning and developing new methods of discipleship, let us remember those who helped shape our faith.

Though the methods have been changed our message is the same. God loves you. And whether on zoom, or through silly videos, or over the phone, or meeting one on one, or in a small group, or a large gathering, we will continue to share and show the love of God to young people, and challenge them to live into what that love means.

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